Certain things just go together, like pizza and beer, movies and popcorn, and most crucially, rama lama lama and ke ding a de dinga a dong. For a place peddling two things that match perfectly, plus just about everything else, get to Kork Wine & Cheese, opening next Tuesday. Run by Transit owner Will Edwards, Kork’s a dual-level wine bar/European-ish cafe/market that’s reminiscent of an old tavern (thanks to cushy leather chairs and dark wood fixtures), but also hosts chandeliers imported from Bali and a massive bar that’s hand-carved, just like so many turns on the mountain when Spicoli’s history teacher goes skiing. You can either self-serve it at the bar, or sit at a table and have their cheesemonger explain what’ll pair best with your wine, with ever-changing choices (eg, rosemary-infused sheep cheese, 22-month-aged Prosciutto di Parma, Italian sopressata rings) jotted on a massive chalkboard; you can also take tasting notes on a nicely comprehensive “cheese pad”, not to be confused with Bachelor Pad…oh wait. You can also head downstairs to the dungeon-esque, 5000-bottle-equipped cellar complete with a massive table and more couches, where you can hand-pick one of 500 different wines, then either drink it there or take it home with you, unless you foolishly choose a wine who’s not into casual sex with strangers it just met in a dungeon-esque cellar. Aside from all that vino, they’ll also be rotating 10-15 bottles plus drafts like Anchor Steam and seasonal ciders, as