An amazing recipe from La Ciau del Tornavento restaurant chef Marco Lombardo, situated in the heart of langhe. Enjoy! 4 servings: ravioli with cottage cheese filling, fresh thyme, mountain pasture butter – 150 grams, Parmesan – 70 grams, Start by taking fresh hay and form it into a “nest”. The hay will be used to cook the ravioli in order to give a special taste and color to the pasta. While preparing the ravioli and the rest of the dish, place the hay directly in the boiling water. Make or buy fresh ravioli. Start to cook the ravioli by placing them directly in the boiling water together with the hay. While waiting, put some butter in a pan with a little bit of the ravioli water and some thyme. When the sauce becomes creamy and the ravioli are cooked, we drain them onto the sauce. Place the nest, which was previously boiled in water, on the plate. A pinch of Parmesan on the bottom should keep it from leaking water, and a little bit of thyme in contact with the hot nest will add aroma to the dish. Now take the ravioli and arrange them inside the nest.

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