Preserving the taste of your well-fermented grape wine is very essential. Wine, like any other consumable good, if left exposed to heat and other spoiling agents naturally deteriorates. Wine bottles are made dark with a purpose of keeping it sheltered from light. Thus, whether it be dry or sweet, to maintain the relative acidity experts suggest that wine is best stored at an optimal temperature of 13°C or 55°F. Of course this could fluctuate between 10-16°C or 50-50°F.

Preserving techniques, which have developed from thousands of years, now include wine rooms and wine refrigerators. Commonly city dwellers prefer to sink their beverage into their refrigerators until it’s really cool or ready for service. However, this is not optimal since the temperate at which it is served at effects its taste. Too much cooler than room temperature could make the wine taste dull and not mature, conversely warm wine could leave your mouth overpowered with alcohol.

Keeping wine at room temperature is also not fully advised, unless it is meant to be consumed shortly as you might end up with a strong alcoholic taste and less fruity flavored drink. Keeping wines in the basement or even closet, on the ground and away from the boiler or other electric appliances is mostly recommended in case of absence of a wine cellar.

General serving suggestions include pulling the wine out of the cooler usually an hour beforehand, allowing it to reach a good temperature before serving.

Ideal place for storage is a wine cellar.

Ideal place for storing your red wine is a cellar.

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