Here are several reasons why every kitchen needs an aerator and the facts on aeration to dispel any myths you may have heard about the process!

One of the reasons every kitchen should have a wine aerator is because they do not take up very much space. Aerators are quite small and can be stored in even the smallest cabinet or drawer. Even if you live in a very small apartment or condo, you will still have room for a small wine aerator in your home. So there are no excuses for having poorly tasting wine! Every size home can afford the space for a wine aerator to help benefit the tastes of their wine.

Low Cost
Wine aerators are extremely reasonable on cost. Although they can range greatly in value, you can find many wine aerators in the $20 cost range, and most aerators, although some may seem fancier than others, serve up the same results. It is important to remember that if you are spending $20 on a bottle of wine, you deserve to get the best value for that investment. If you are not using a wine aerator, you most certainly are not getting the best taste from your wine. The low cost investment of a wine aerator is a low cost way to improve the taste of your wine and get the most out of your expense in the wine.

Easy to Use
Although some people may be fearful of not being able to use a wine aerator, they are actually extremely simple to use. Any first timer can certainly use the device without hesitation. There are several styles of wine aerators, from ones that you hold above your wine glass, to those that balance on the glass so you don’t have to hold it. There is even an electronic version that can be inserted directly into the wine bottle itself to make aeration easy and mess free. There is no reason to think you are too experienced to use this wine connoisseurs tool. Everyone can use a wine aerator properly and without difficulty.

Last Minute Guests
If you ever have last minute guests or neighbors stop by but worry about having drinks ready to serve, a wine aerator answers this problem. Decanting wine can take several hours, and if you do not have a decanter, it can take much longer for a wine to air out on its own. So you are stuck serving your guests wine that is not aerated so it is not up to par on taste. Instead, if you have an aerator in your home, you can take just a few minutes to serve up high quality, great tasting wine by running it through your aerator prior to serving it.

It is easy to see why every kitchen needs a wine aerator, so get moving today to purchase this handy gadget that will make you enjoy your wine and look like a star to your valued guests!

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