In the words of the Billie Joel song “a bottle of red…” finding a good Italian red wine can conjure up romantic evenings, wonderful food or maybe the company of good friends. Whether you are an occasional wine drinker or a budding oenophile (lover of wine), find a local wine purveyor that you like and trust. You will be able to describe the setting, the menu and the atmosphere you are trying to convey, and the expert on staff will be able to help you choose the perfect bottle to complement your evening.

Take the time to visit various wine shops in your area and ask questions. See if you feel comfortable with the staff, the surroundings, and the selection. Let the wine expert know that you are interested in Italian Red Wines and ask for some suggestions. Listen to the way they describe the wine. Do they use descriptive words like robust, fruity, full-bodied, or earthy, or do they just say “it goes great with pasta”? You want to find someone that can almost make you taste the wine without actually opening a bottle.

A good wine shop may also have at least one staff member that is working towards certification by the Court of Master Sommeliers. This designation will assure you that you are working with a professional establishment that values the education of its patrons over simple sales of wines.

By taking the time to investigate Italian Red Wines at various shops, you will discover a wonderful new relationship where you can count on the best advice and the best Italian Red Wine, which of course, translates into the best gathering every time you have guests.

Choose the perfect bottle to complement your evening.

Choose the perfect bottle to complement your evening.

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